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Why CrossFit Justice?

CrossFit Justice’s strength and conditioning facility offers a variety of classes to help you along your health and wellness journey.


What makes us different is that we are a gym Powered by Ticker Training. Ticker, in a nutshell, is heart rate based training for CrossFit. We help you establish your best heart rate zone to train in. That zone is designed to help you utilize fat as a fuel source and reduce excess stress and inflammation in the body. If our bodies burn inefficient carbohydrate fuel sources and are in a constant state of fatigue, then it is difficult to regulate body-weight and to improve our fitness.


But how do you do this? Answer. Very slowly. We focus on building our engines and the aerobic base first. When we build the base we increase our capacity for work, harder rowing, heavier weights etc… while still keeping our heart rates relatively low. Long, slow efforts allow us to have more consistent back to back training days than maximal efforts a few sporadic times a week.


Still a little lost? Think of it as trying to get a tan. You don’t go out on the first day and want to burn. You want that base layer so you can come back the next day and work on it over time.


If you think this type of training is not for you, then it probably isn’t. If you re feeling broken, beatdown or just plain tired, you’ll definitely want to give this a try.


In addition to CrossFit we offer RealRyder Circuit Spin classes, Yoga and Olympic Lifting. Our Free community wods and Tricovery massage appointments are also a huge hit on the first Sunday of every month.

As one of the longest-running CrossFit affiliates in the area, CrossFit Justice’s experienced & knowledgeable coaching staff will help you use your fitness in ways that you never thought possible both in & out of the gym.

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