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Attention Athletes! 

This is a one of a kind event you don't want to miss! 

Whether you are an endurance athlete looking for the next fitness challenge, or a CrossFit athlete looking to condition for the next event,

you will want to test your engine on the Triple Three Challenge,

CrossFit Justice edition!

What is the Triple Three Challenge and 5K?

The Triple 3 was a CrossFit Regional event in 2018 consisting of a 3,000 meter Row, 300 double unders (DU's), and 3 mile run. In the CrossFit Justice edition, competitors will perform these same movements for a timed score or choose to just run the 5k only for time. The three pieces will be done in a row for a total time score, but each piece of this event will also be scored separately. Heats will run every 20-30 min depending on the heat you sign up for. Awards will be given to the male and female overall winner for the 3 combined events as well as a male and female winner for each piece of the challenge, and a 5k male and female overall winner.  Each participant will receive a custom event shirt for signing up, and overall winners in each category will win a special award. Note: the double unders can be performed as single unders. See FAQ section for details.


Event Info


CrossFit Justice

1280 Holden Ave. #115

Milford, MI, 48431


Saturday June 13th


Triple Three Challenge

3,000m Row, 300 DU, 5K

5K run only


7:00am 5K only

7:00am Elite Women

7:20am Elite Men

7:40am general slot

8:00am general slot

8:30am general slot

9:00am general slot

9:30am general slot


Triple Three

February 1st-March 31st: $50 

April 1st - June 12th: $60
Race Day: $65


5K Only

February 1st-March 31st: $25 

April 1st - June 12th: $35
Race Day: $40

Award Categories

Overall Male 5K

Overall Female 5K

Elite Male -for overall score

Elite Female -for overall score

Fastest Row Male

Fastest Row Female

Fastest DU Male

Fastest DU Female 

Fastest  5K Male

Fastest  5K Female

How to Register

Sign up for the event here


Who should sign up for Elite division?  

The Elite Divisions are meant to be a highly competitive category. Although all heats can be competitive, the "General" time slots provide extra time for athletes to complete  the event. All time slots are first come first serve. We recommend athletes in the elite division be able to finish the 3,000m row in under 14 min. 


How will the judging/timing work?

The entire event will have a running clock. Timing mats will be laid out as the athlete passes from the start line to the rowers, from the rowers to the DU’s, from the DU’s to the start of the 5K, and at the finish line. There will be time chips for each athlete which will activate as the cross each timing mat into the next section of the event. Each athlete will receive a time for each portion of the event. Each participant will also have a judge provided by Crossfit Justice to track the rowing and DU’s accurately.


Can I use my own jump rope?

Yes, you can use your own jump rope in this competition. Extras will be available for those who do not own one, or in the case of a rope breaking.


What if I can't do double unders? Can I still participate if I can only do single unders?

Yes, you can still participate in the full challenge with doing single unders. However you will not be qualified to win the overall event or the double under challenge. You are still able to compete and qualify for winning the fastest 5k time and fastest row time.


Do I need to cross all the timing mats?

YES! In order to receive an accurate time for each section of the event, you need to cross over each timing mat.

Are there any time caps? 

There is a time cap for the rowing and double under portions of the event.  The time caps are meant to keep the race moving for the next heat of athletes. If you get time capped, you will simply move onto the next portion of the race. Your score will be marked at the time cap. 

Elite divisions- must complete their row in under 18 minutes, and DU's in under 15 min. 

7:40AM general time slot- must complete their row in under 18 minutes, and DU's in under 15 min. 

8:00AM and on- must complete their row in under 28 minutes, and DU's in under 15 min. 

Is the 5K race run at the same time as the Triple Three Event?

The 5k only participants will start their run at 7:00am as the first round of Elite Women starts their row.  


How is the 5K course marked?

There will be a mile marker at mile 1, the 1.5 mile turnaround, mile 2, and finish line.


What happens if I'm in the 5K and not the Triple Three?

All 5k participants can pick up their race packet at CrossFit Justice Friday June 12th. You can sign up ahead of time through this website or race-day register at CrossFit Justice. The race will start and finish from the same location. The race will begin at 7:00am, with on-site awards to overall male and female winner shortly following the race.


Are there medals for the 5K?

There are no medals for the 5K. Each participant will receive a race shirt, and overall male and female winners will receive an award.  


How do awards work?

Overall Male  5K

Overall Female 5K

Elite Male Overall

Elite Female Overall

Fastest Row Male

Fastest Row Female

Fastest DU Male

Fastest DU Female

Fastest  5K Male

Fastest  5K Female


Can you win awards for more than one portion of the event? 

Yes, participants are eligible to win awards for multiple portions of the event. Ex: fastest row & fastest DU's, or fastest DU's, and fastest 5K. etc. 

However, If you win the overall event, awards for the fastest times in each section of the event will go to the 2nd place person for that section. 

Does everybody get a shirt for participating? 

Yes, each participant will receive a custom race shirt. The fit/material is unisex 50/50 poly-cotton blend.


Is there a pre-race packet pick up?

Yes, you can pick up your race packet at CrossFit Justice (the event location) on Friday June 12th from 11am-6pm.  You can also pick up your packet on race day. 

CrossFit Justice

1280 Holden Ave, #115

Milford, MI


When and where can I start warming up for the Triple Three Challenge?

The gym will be open at 6:15am. The competition area will be roped off from the first heat, and for the duration of the event. Any other gym space or outdoor area is open to use for warm-up at any time prior to your heat's starting time. We encourage you to use the space, but appreciate the use of the space being saved for those who will be next up to compete.


What if I signed up for a heat, but I want to change my heat time?

Contact rosefollick@gmail.com to change you heat time as soon as possible. There is no fee for changing heats, but a time change is not guaranteed depending on availability.


How big is the event?

The Triple Three Challenge will hold 8 individuals per heat. The sign up for general heats are first-come first serve, but must be capped at 8 participants due to limited space for equipment. 

The 5K only race is unlimited.


Course Description for 5K

All heats for the Triple Three Challenge and 5K will begin at CrossFit Justice. The race will be a fairly flat out-and-back course, with a moderate hill around mile 1.5. The course runs along the wide shoulder of South Milford road and onto Buno road. Buno is a dirt road that that will take you to the halfway and turnaround point to which it returns to CrossFit Justice.

Is there water along the course or at the event?  

Water will be provided at the start/finish of the race only.

Competitors in the Triple Three Challenge are encouraged to bring their own water bottles which they may run with or keep by the rower for their use during the competition. Water may not be readily available during the Triple Three event while competing. 

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