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Ticker testimonials

Jon, L

"I always thought a great workout ended by falling on the floor, gasping for air thinking you’ll never do that one again.  Being sore all the time was just part of the process. Ticker has completely changed my perspective. The PNOE test provided real data about how my body uses fat and carbs to establish my target heart rate zone.  I used to dread 30 minute workouts but by staying ‘in the zone’ I’m moving at a pace I can maintain. And maintaining a good pace over a longer period of time means lots of reps with no pain the next day. After every workout I get performance data showing my results which really helps me track progress and set new benchmarks for myself.  I’m still doing Crossfit but I’m just doing it a little smarter now."

Sara, C

“Growing up as an athlete, I was always used to pushing myself until I could barely breathe at the end of my workout. Ticker Training has put a whole new perspective on my training. Operating within that fat burning zone allows me to not only get in tons of reps without fatiguing during my workout, but also feel good the next day so I actually get more workouts in without injuring myself or feeling drained. And if you think you are not going to lift heavy, think again, because there are strength portions in the workout. I fully believe this type of training will help me be a better athlete in the future and compete in competitions.” 

Rocky, W

“I am a fan of Ticker Training as it allows you to perform a full workout with reducing the amount of soreness between workouts.”

Maria, R

“When I first heard about Ticker Training I was apprehensive. I was worried that if I slowed down my workouts then I wouldn’t be burning as many calories. After taking the chance with Ticker Training and investing in my monitor, I realize that I am actually able to go longer, get more reps in, while keeping my breath, and still burning between 500 and 600 cal. My body is also nowhere near as sore as it usually is after I’m done working out. I am committed to this process and look forward to the results!”

Sean, M

“I'm excited that Chris made the decision to implement Ticker Training programming at Crossfit Justice.  From my perspective, achieving "fitness" only makes sense if it can be accomplished with a long-term, sustainable path to maintaining your health and well-being.  Utilizing the Ticker Training methodology will allow me to do just that.”

Gina, E

"The big thing I noticed in doing this new ticker training is not feeling exhausted and sore after working out. After a ticker workout I'm more energized and have less aches and pains. I like the steady pace where you don't feel like you are going to burn out...it's a pace my body can keep up with.

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