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CrossFit Justice Programs

CrossFit with Ticker Training

CrossFit is typically defined as constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity with the goal of increased work capacity. With Ticker Training, our goal is to maintain constantly varied movements performed at an aerobic pace to help you improve your strength and stamina, while also leaving the gym feeling healthy and energized. 


Our goal at CrossFit Justice is to help you perform weight-lifting movements in a safe & efficient manner. By performing these movements at an aerobic pace, you will improve your overall fitness, but be able to come back for more. Gone are the days where you question if you are injured or just incredibly sore. 


To help guide you  through class, workouts are displayed on the monitor at the front of the room. This is for you to reference throughout the class and ask questions. Your heart-rate will also be displayed on a separate tv screen so you can easily track your workout through the class.


What You Can Expect:

Total Class Time: 60 Minutes  


-Dynamic warm-up and stretch

-Strength training

-Workout of the Day (WOD)

-Points of Performance (P.O.P) The P.O.P depends on the components of the strength and WOD portions of the workout. This section of class focuses on core training, skill development, mobility & the objective for the day’s WOD.

-Cool down and stretch 

RealRyder Spin

RealRyder Indoor Cycling brings a whole new range of motion to traditional indoor cycling: Engage Your Entire Core, Power Up Your Legs, Strike Your Balance & Boost Total Calories Burned. The RealRyder Indoor Cycle has a unique, articulating frame that allows it to steer, turn and feel like a road bike. The side to side motion requires constant shifts of balance — continuous adjustments and corrections that correspond to a rider’s movements on the road while encountering wind shifts, obstacles and banked and curving surfaces. The result is a 5-in-1 workout: Work Upper Body, Lower Body & Core Muscles, Plus Cardio & Balance. Need more reason to try out these fantastic bikes, our certified instructors will pump you up, encourage you and leave you begging for more at the end of your workout! WE HAVE THE BEST INSTRUCTORS IN THE AREA, HANDS DOWN!


We also offer hour long classes that start you on the RealRyder bikes then mix things up with either TRX Suspension bands, or a circuit of bodyweight or light weight movements that will boost your endurance levels to new heights.

Personal Training

At CFJ we believe that fitness is customizable & should fit your current needs & fitness level. That is why we go beyond the general class model to provide you with an exceptional training experience. We help you set your goals, take the time to create a plan, and crush them together. If you are looking to train for a local CrossFit competition great. If you are looking to participate in your neighborhood 5k/10k awesome. If triathlon & adventure racing is more of your thing fantastic! We want to help you use your fitness in any capacity. Be sure to to set up your free No Sweat Intro today with the link below!! Or email us at info@crossfitjustice.com 

 for more information!!


Yoga & CrossFit are about as similar as…well, yoga & CrossFit. You couldn’t have two more different programs, but they do wonders for each other. CrossFit provides the strength and conditioning while yoga provides the stability, balance and mobility any athlete can benefit from. Deep stretches  and yoga flow will take your fitness to the next level. Reserve your mat today by going to our Drop-In page to let us know you're coming! Linkbelow! 

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids is one of our seasonal activities, but don’t let that fool you, this program is on fire! Our kids’ program is one of the few around and we take pride in creating a safe, fun and engaging environment for your young athlete. We spend much of our time on technique and skill building as well as games and other activities. It is our even balance of fun, technique & work that will prepare your young athlete for whatever their sport throws at them. Rest assured they’ll develop the confidence to tackle anything. Look for promotions and programming in April & May. Programs will run in June, July & August & fill up fast. Be sure to reserve your spot!   

CrossFit Teens

With our student membership, teens are  able to join our regular CrossFit classes at age 13. With guidance staring through the 1 on 1 On-Ramp Program, teens will learn the fundamentals of weightlifting and exercise. Athletes will build strength, speed and endurance for any sport whether its basketball, swimming, dance, cross-country, or any other sport you many participate in. CFJ workouts will help take your game to the next level by learning proper technique, setting goals, and working hard to improve your fitness and prevent injury. Click the link below to schedule your No-Sweat Intro and get started today!

Olympic Lifting

This Sunday class is great if you want to refine your Clean & Jerk and Snatch movements. It attracts novice and experienced lifters alike. The skills, drills, and progressions we use are sure to help you increase your numbers. Wherever you are on your fitness journey, we are here to help you improve. We are confident that our program will increase your speed, power, strength and overall confidence. Come on in and give it a try every Sunday at 9:00 am!

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