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The first Athlete of the Month for 2020 is Brian Stevens! Brian has been working hard the whole year of 2019. After having ankle surgery, he did everything he could to recover and come back stronger. His athletic background has aided the road to recovery, and he has displayed a good balance of fitness, fun, and friendships. Brian is always the first person to give someone a high-five, a shoutout, or introduce himself to a newbie. 


Being a husband and father, Brian knows that his health needs to be a priority. He has made the effort to be at the gym regularly, whether that means an early morning or an evening class. He has also taken the initiative to use Caitlyn Hunter Nutrition to make a lifestyle change with nutrition. Not only has he been seeing progress with his health and fitness, but he is growing the community by bringing his wife to the gym with him! We are happy to see Brian setting goals and crushing them! His name has made it’s way onto the PR Board many times last year, and we know he will continue to achieve great things in 2020. Way to go Brian! 


Here is Brian’s advice for those who are new to CrossFit: 

“Embrace the community. Come in and focus solely on proper movement and getting things right. Listen to your coaches and resist the temptation to worry about what other people are doing, and focus on moving well. If you do that, you will set yourself up for success.” 

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