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Ted is a veteran CrossFitter at CFJ. But his friendly personna doesn’t overshadow his Beast Mode in the gym. You will always notice Ted coming early or staying late at classes so he can get extra work in. He displays impeccable form, is coachable, and is a hustler at his core. His hardwork and dedication as an athlete clearly transfers over to his family and life outside the box. Ted has an interesting story full of overcoming setbacks, heartbreaking circumstances, and becoming stronger and wiser after all of it. With all that in mind, there is no doubt that Ted has the well deserved title of Athlete Of The Month for February 2020! 


December 2018, Ted’s family had a traumatic experience. With the stress that comes from such an experience, Ted’s fitness,diet, and mental health, all took a toll. After things settled down for his family, Ted decided to prioritize his health and make some changes. Ted has dedicated himself to getting to the gym regularly, focusing on his diet, and reducing the stress in his life. With Ticker Training Ted has a lower resting heart rate, lost weight, and has experienced less pain and soreness with his training. He has even competed in a few competitions recently and shown off his hard work! 


Ted’s dedication to his family and his health has been an inspiration to all of us at CFJ. His positive attitude and welcoming personality never goes unnoticed. Ted is a community builder and clearly deserving of recognition. We are lucky and happy to have Ted as a member. Way to go Ted! 


Ted’s advice to someone starting out with CrossFit is “Be confident, be persistent, and show up when you don’t want to.”

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