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Our Story & Philosophy


CrossFit Justice has been a mainstay in the Milford community since 2010. For the better part of a decade we have helped our community become both stronger and healthier. It goes without saying that a program containing constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity (i.e. CrossFit) will help you get fit in a hurry. However, at CrossFit Justice we take pride in putting people first. The strength of our community doesn’t solely rely on the fitness program but who we are as people.


With that being said, CFJ aims to make changes in and to the CrossFit space. We are a box that is powered by Ticker Training. Our training relies on heart-rate monitors to track BPM and progress during classes. Through careful testing we aim to find your optimal fat burning performance zone. This allows every workout to be about you, the individual. Ticker Training keeps you safe, efficient, injury free and the best part, fit. Tracking our heartrate, not just the weight lifted, or time achieved, is a great way to gain long-lasting, repeatable, fitness results.

Now. You might be wondering how this whole process works and if our methods are actually “CrossFit.” We ensure you that it is CrossFit and that our methods do work. When performed properly, everyday movements like push-ups, pull-ups, wallballs, cleans, thrusters you name it, can be performed aerobically. When this happens, we reduce the risk of inflammation and potential for injury and burnout. Additionally, our recovery time is drastically reduced, allowing us to train on a consistent basis. No more gutting it out or fighting off the fatigue during the next workout. We’re confident that once you try it, you’ll not only want to come back for more, you’ll be able to!!

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