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I played baseball at Western Michigan University, and after that I tried to keep up with going to the gym. I stayed strong, but never saw lasting or fulfilling results. My old workouts had become mundane and repetitive. Once I started working out with Chris and Rose, I saw what I was missing. After joining CrossFit Justice and starting Ticker Training I saw improvements immediately. Ticker Training has allowed me to keep building my strength from college athletics  as well as workout regularly without leaving me super sore. I like the variety of workouts and how my endurance, strength, and skills have improved. By keeping track of my workouts, I know where I can continue to improve and I feel fitter than I have ever been. Ticker Training is definitely something I would recommend to other athletes.

I am not going to lie, the intimidation factor, of walking into a CrossFit gym, especially after taking a year off of working out, was a real thing. I completed the On-Ramp process where I  learned the fundamentals, and identified my greatest areas of opportunity. What’s really great about the team at CrossFit Justice, is that they take the time to get to know You. They work with you to identify and set your goals. They analyze your strengths,weaknesses,and provide a safe foundation to start building/working from.  I’ve been to several gyms & had several trainers over the years, but was handed the same cookie cutter prescription with only slight modifications. Another great thing about CrossFit Justice, is their integration of Ticker Training. This is a total game changer. It greatly reduces fatigue, enhances recovery time, and keeps me coming back more often. Last, but certainly not least, and I feel the best part about CrossFit Justice is the community. Chris has built a community of supportive, welcoming, and kind people.  I live 45/50 minutes from this gym, and have multiple gyms much closer to my house. But it’s the people and the community I value most, and that’s why I choose to make the drive. Thank you Chris, his staff, and all the awesome people who make this community. You all inspire, motivate, and push me to become a better version of myself.

1280 Holden Ave #115, Milford, MI 48381

Tel: (248) 491 8363

Email: Info@crossfitjustice.com

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