Class Packs

Can be used for

any class

5 Class Pack (1 month expiration)-$75

10 Class Pack (3 month expiration)-$140

25 Class Pack (9 month expiration)-$325

Our guarantee

Okay, we get it, CrossFit is scary when you first start out. You're not sure what to expect, what fitness level you are at or whether this is the right fitness regiment for you. Therefore, we have implemented a new CFJ Guarantee. CrossFit Money-Back Guarantee: After you complete your 4 FIT classes (thirty minute personal training classes teaching you the 9 foundational movements of CrossFit) and your two month of unlimited CrossFit (you must attend 3 or more classes per week). After that time, if you are unsatisfied with the progress you've made in reaching your goals, simply let us know you won't be continuing your membership, and we'll give you $100 back.

RealRyder Spin, etc. Money-Back Guarantee:

NOT A CROSSFITTER? That's okay, we offer a little "something something" for everyone from RealRyder spin classes, Streamline bootcamp classes, yoga and TRX suspension bands. We even mix a few of these flavors together to give you Circuit Spin and Spin TRX. We'll even give you the same guarantee, love us in 2 months (must attend at least 3 classes per week) or get $50.00 cash back. GUARANTEED!

*Of course if you decide to discontinue your membership and accept the money back guarantee there will be a $50 reinstate fee if you decide to return CrossFit Justice/H.E.A.T. 4 Athletes in the future.

Pricing Explained:

Before you checkout all the good stuff below.  Let's chat.  We've heard it before and we get it, CrossFit is more expensive than the local gym.  This is true; however let's discuss what you are really getting for your money at each location. 

A local gym is around $40-$70/month, which includes use of their facility and their space.  Are you the type of athlete that can push yourself to your limits and stay on track for an extended period of time? 

Personal training, great one-on-one training, however at a hefty cost of (on average) $75.00/hour.  To see results you need to work with the trainer 2x-3x per week, which is a monthly cost of $600-$900/month.  Ouch! Even if you share that cost with a few of your friends, does the trainer have the necessary space or equipment?  Are you seeing the results that you want or is it becoming a social event?

Now, let's look at CrossFit.  At CrossFit Justice you receive highly skilled and passionate coaches that care about whether you are reaching your goals.  In our group settings you receive the coaching that you need and the community that pushes you to take that extra step to better yourself both physically and mentally.  Our training programs will increase your agility, endurance, strength and mobility while helping you build lean muscle and lose fat.  We have a proven method for achieving the results that you want.

unlimited monthly



Unlimited CrossFit classes-$160/mth auto-billed contract

*Cancel at any time with 5 days notice

RealRyder Spin

Unlimited RealRyder Spin classes-$110/mth auto-billed contract

*cancel at any time with 5 days notice

Combo (includes all classes on schedule)

month-to-month $180/mth-auto billed contract

*Cancel at any time with 5 days notice

3 classes/week

Any 3 classes/week (12 classes/month)-$145/month

*automatically renews; cancel at any time with 5 days notice