Tiffany Curry

RealRyder instructor

Tiffany  originally came to HEAT by purchasing a Groupon and trying something new! Little did she know that it was going to be just what she needed to refresh her workouts and push her to a new level of fitness. Training here ignited a spark and interest so strong that she became certified to teach Real Ryder spinning and have loved every minute of it!

*RealRyder Certification

Kelly Kane

Real Ryder/TRX

Kelly came to H.E.A.T. 4 Athletes (CrossFit Justice) after having 4 children in a short period of time (5 years), and was in need of some "me" time. She started running, finishing a half marathon before her youngest turned one. She then added the challenge of triathlon and has completed several sprints, an Olympic and two half ironman triathlons. Sharing her passion, she is one of the directors for the annual FirstTry Triathlon, encouraging first time triathletes to compete. "To see a first timer cross the finish line is priceless! I hope to continue to compete in a half ironman each summer. It's no secret that the bike is my favorite of the three disciplines."

This is the perfect community to encourage you to achieve your goals.

Ride like a girl!

*RealRyder Spin Certified

*TRX instructor

*CrossFit competitor-CFJ Raising the Bar CrossFit Competition  (2013)

patty thiele

RealRyder Spin/Streamline

Patty has competed in many local running event as well as the Tough Mudder twice. In 2014 she completed her first full marathon which qualified her to run in the Boston Marathon in April 2015. After swimming for the MAC group she checked off her first Triathlon in August of 2014.

Spinning for years, for mere exercise, she finally took  the leap of faith and got her RealRyder certification. "I absolutely love to instruct spin classes, the energy from our members push me that much harder."

Patty took up CrossFit several years back as an additional challenge and competed in 2014 at her first CrossFit competition, taking second place overall in the intermediate division.  She continues to participate in the CrossFit games as not only an athlete, but also as a judge.

In addition to spin classes, Patty is a Streamline coach (an alternative to CrossFit for members that want the intense workout without the heavy weights).

*RealRyder certificate

*CrossFit Judge's Course (2013, 2014)

*CrossFit Games participant (2013, 2014)

*Completion Certification of Practical Yogapr

*CrossFit Gaylord Competition Runner-Up Intermediate Division 2014 .

argenta matuszak

RealRyder spin/circuit

Argenta brings a new twist to the RealRyder Spin crew.  She's a hardcore CrossFitter and runner who has added spinning and yoga to her personal agenda.  Argenta's classes are filled with creative movements and combinations to challenge and inspire athletes of all levels.  "Nobody remembers normal" is her theme.  Bring a change of clothes, you'll leave class sweaty and soulful.



Although originally a runner, Matt saw how the RealRyder spin bikes could give him a stronger core and help his endurance while remaining injury free.  You will see Matt at many of the local running events as well as at the football and soccer field cheering on his two teenage boys or coaching from the benches.  Matt leads a very active lifestyle, participating in CrossFit competitions as well.  A perfect example for his boys.

*CrossFit Level 1

*RealRyder Certification

Michael atler


Whether Michael is in the saddle or on the mat, he gives his entire body and soul to his class.  Michael has been around the RealRyder circuit since 2011, therefore he knows the ins and outs of how to rock out the spin class.

Michael teaches back-to-back spin then yoga classes, getting your sweat on then taking to the mat for calming yoga, giving back to the muscles that he just challenged.

*RealRyder Certification 

kristel coronado


Kristel is the master of all trades in the fitness arena, from competitive cheer/gymnastics to softball then eventually led to the gym by her father.  Healthy living has been  the core of her existence.  She is a marathoner, a triathlete, a paddleboarder, an adventure racer and holds many certifications including ACE Group Fitness and Johnny G Spinning certified instructor. 

Kristel became the Female Champion for the Michigan Multi-Sport Sprint Triathlon Series. That same year she also trained 25-30 hours a week to complete her longest race to date - a 104 hour non-stop expedition race through Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The race spanned some 300+ miles by means of canoeing, biking, trekking,~kayaking, rapelling and orienteering. In 2010, Kristel added another passion to her list - Aerial Acrobatics. which she now conducts workouts at CrossFit Justice.